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Welcome to Barranco, Lima - Peru

Barranco PeruBarranco is a district of Lima full tradition and history, with fine streets and small colonial squares, where one can still sense the Antique spirit of Lima.

Barranco is situated just five minutes from tourist Miraflores, is famous for having the most bohemian and relaxing nighlife of Lima. We can find beautiful and fine houses, boulevards, parks and museums that reflect the glorious past of the “City of the Kinds”.

During the day, Barranco is quiet place, full of romantic sidewalks. The traditional wooden Bridge of Sighs built over a gully in the middle of leafy trees, represents a traditional stroll by old Lima. Walking by its main park, Bajada de Baños or visiting the old library, the museum and the streetcar, these all take us to a nice ride to the past.

Hovewer, when the night falls, joy begins: discos, pubs, cafes, restaurants and the live shows, all full of young and joyful people, opening their doors and offering the best of Lima’s nighlife, especially on weekends. Fun will go on until late hours.
Aditionally, Barranco houses many restaurants with Creole cuisine and international courses. In this district, one can also find a variety of handicraft, like fine jewelry and cute ceramic pieces.

You can find joy and tradition in Barranco

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